➤ Your self-determination for the financial advantage
➤ Financial self-determination for your benefit

Our passion is to make the digital capital market accessible to everyone.

FinFortus enables the self-determined path for digital assets. Using state-of-the-art technology, we build a trustworthy financial market infrastructure for digital assets that fully meets regulatory requirements.



A full-service provider for financial institutions and banks in all aspects of digital assets for independent investors. FinFortus creates the opportunity to complete transactions individually and transparently based on individual needs.

The central elements of our solution include the integration of digital assets into the daily consulting process.

Our solution offers the emission and custody of digital assets, as well as access to liquidity.

Based on a ready-to-use banking solution, FinFortus is expanding the investment offering on the back of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) as a trustworthy technology in an environment that meets all the regulatory requirements.



We are living in the age of digital disruption, where transparency is equated with credibility and where market growth comes from partnership on an equal footing.

It became increasingly apparent that conventional thinking cannot provide an adequate answer to the current challenges. Amid this shift, digital assets are emerging as a “safe haven”, as they provide alternative store of value for investment portfolios.


Wealth Management

Digital assets – a new digital asset class is being established.

FinFortus strengthens the trusting relationship between investors and banks or financial institutions by enabling individual and transparent implementation of transactions in digital assets.

Digital assets are an asset class that continues to grow successfully through the digital age. Bitcoin and other digital assets have managed to gain the attention of private investors and currently institutional investors as well. Additionally, blockchain technology has the potential to change the future of the financial market fundamentally.

FinFortus, as a fusion of the old and new financial world, combines traditional investment products with digital assets and simultaneously can act as a trusted partner for financial institutions, that strive to provide this access to their customers. This creates a challenging duality amid the remaining current financial system and the emerging new financial sector for digital assets.

With this expertise, FinFortus secures the status of a specialized partner in the capital market. The technology enables self-determined investments in digital assets and thus creates new offers and additional value creation opportunities.


Vision Founder – Without a digital asset strategy, banks will be unable to meet the needs of their customers appropriately in the future. Distributed ledger technology – or blockchain – is just emerging in the banking industry.

However, it is a trusted technology that will rapidly grow to be at the heart of banking. Without it, banks and existing capital market participants will miss the opportunity to create a competitive advantage through efficiency and transparency.

With FinFortus, banks will be able to provide access to digital assets to their customers. Otherwise customers might eventually switch to other banks offering these services.

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Unser Team

paul poeltner

Paul Pöltner

Executive Officer / Business Development / Digital Strategy (Organic Venture Builder – Guiding Innovators)
mustafa radi

Mustafa Radi

Development / Infrastructur
(CEO finAngel)

udo oksakowski

Udo Oksakowski

Management Advisor
(Serial Entrepreneur)

Market assessment – digital assets?

To our mind it’s important to explain how did it manage to get so far. The speculative nature of digital assets like bitcoin has notably weakened. They are increasingly being used by institutional investors as a store of value, a form of digital gold, and even as a new safe haven in this era of unprecedented monetary stimulus programs. 

Noteworthy, this market is no longer poorly regulated. The days of the ICO craze are over and we are now entering a new era of well-regulated and protected asset tokenization. Digital assets have therefore developed to become a legitimate and important asset class that cannot be ignored.

In the years to come, every bank and regulated financial institution will have a digital asset strategy. It will be important for their survival and ability to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. It is an exciting time and could mean the complete transformation of our global banking system.

FinFortus is proud to be a part of it.

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